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Welcome to the New Look Pulse Secure User Community!

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Welcome to the new Pulse Secure Community. Our new community has the same look and feel as before, but now has richer content, more collaborative tools, and space for News, Product Updates and for publishing of more technical articles, hints and tips.

We have also copied all your previous posts into the new community portal, including discussions, questions and solved solutions, so you will find all your content and more is ready to go.
How to Claim your User Profile:
We have created your community login using your original forum user name, linked to the email you originally registered for your account - all you need to do to claim your account is to open the new community at Look for the "Sign In" link at the top right of the page, click "Forgot username or password?" and we will reset your password and send to your original email address to activate your new login.


Your login credentials will use your user name (eg, pwallace, or asonthalia) - which will normally be different from your email.


If you have any problems with reclaiming your user profile, then send us a private message via @pwallace and @asonthalia or drop us a line via communitysupport  at

We look forward to hearing from you!


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Pulse Secure Profiler supports profiling endpoints when the endpoints are connected to PPS through a WAN. This is often the case in distributed networks where several “branch” offices connect to a central datacenter. (link removed - admin)


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Pulse Secure Gold and Platinum support has gone terribly worse in these days.


Looks like the technicians do not know what they are doing.


Does pulse secure even has a Quality anymore??

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@Albert - this seems to be related to your other comment here:


Please PM me your case reference(s) so we can review. I will move this comment onto your original thread soon, to keep them together.




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good morning...   sorry guys, i am a new member and would like to post a new question here.  but i cant find how to add a new post.   can read old posts, but cant add a new one.    any idea ??    

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Hi, i am facing a Problem with my PulseSecure 3.01 Connection. It drops the connection every 5.xx Minutes, no matter if i am activly working on it or not. it just drops without any warning.  it happens to VPN or non VPN connections.  PulseSecure is installed on a VMWare Workstation 16 with W10 Pro, 21H1.    i have logs available.    can someone help ?  

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I'm new user of Secure Client. I'm trying to install it from Software Center, but add-ons is not visible.

I'm using IE for this software.

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my name is teem pade from india, i am also new user here