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2 Questions regarding NC

tony zhang_
New Contributor

2 Questions regarding NC

my director ask me 2 questions regarding customized NC

1.He is wondering whether we can customize NC client like changing a logo?

2.And whether there is a way to initial a new WEB page automaticly after NC is connected.

any idea will be appreciated.


Re: 2 Questions regarding NC


1. No

2. Only if user login using the web url, not if users launch the Network Connect application directly.

If using the web page to access your SA, you can change which page they are directed to in the user role (the first role with UI options enabled that the user is placed into in cases where they are members of several roles).

By default they are directed to the SA 'Bookmarks Page' but this can be directed to another server if required.


tony zhang_
New Contributor

Re: 2 Questions regarding NC



Re: 2 Questions regarding NC

We too have been trying to find a way to give the user a clear visual indication that their NC connection has been successfully established -- directing them to a custom page would certainly work. I am, however, a bit unclear on how to do that. Any advice would be appreciated.

Valued Contributor

Re: 2 Questions regarding NC

To answer your first question - yes you can create a custom Network Connect login page that would have whatever changes you want on it. See the Custom sign in pages manual -

Standalone Network Connect

When you manually launch Network Connect (from the Start menu), a different window

appears compared to launching Network Connect from a browser window.

To modify the standalone version of the login page, create a

(you can copy the existing

and add it to your zip file.

Generally speaking, standalone pages follow the convention name

name is the equivalent name.

files, name

LoginPage-stdaln.thtml fileLoginPage.thtml file), customize it according to your needs,-stdaln.thtml wherethtml file (similar to the method used for the pocket PC-ppc.thtml)