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6.4R2 Stability

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6.4R2 Stability


We upgraded our SA2000 from 6.3R3 to 6.4R2 to resolve an issue which Juniper Technical Support had recognised and included a fix in the update. Although the new package doesnÕt appear to be listed in Downloads, we were supplied a link by Technical Support. Users were upgraded from Network Connect 6.3.0 to 6.4.0 as part of this update.

A number of users encountered an issue whereby after a few minutes, they lost access to all internal resources. They couldn't even PING IP addresses. Their Network Connect client continued to show a connection, and the SA2000 also showed them as connected.

We went through the settings in detail and did not notice any changed by the update.

Although this did not affect all users, after a number of hours, we had to rollback to 6.3R3 to enable those affected to work. After the rollback, all users were able to connect successfully and stably using Network Connect 6.3.0

Has anyone else encountered this, or has anyone any ideas what would have caused this behaviour.

Thanks in Advance,



Re: 6.4R2 Stability

I'm glad you posted this information. We went to 6.4R1 recently and the stability has been less than stallar. We have a number of odd things happening but NC seems to be one of the few things working right now without an issue.

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Re: 6.4R2 Stability

Do you know when 6.4R2 is due for release. We are seeing more and more Windows 2008 servers and not being able to use AD is a real pain. We use the IVS module and have a few new clients with Server 2008.

Thank you

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Re: 6.4R2 Stability

I was provided with 6.4r2 in advance due to a specific issue it fixes... which it does.

As for stability, it installed smoothly and I've had no issues with users thus far.

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Re: 6.4R2 Stability


we updated the IVE from 6.2 to 6.4R2 and had a lot of issues. The normal Web URL contains post parameters doens't works through internet proxy, so we had to roll back.

Now JTC works on my case, but this version seems to be very instable.