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6.5R4 Issues i hoped would get fixed

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6.5R4 Issues i hoped would get fixed

1. multiple reboots after upgrade.

once the upgrade completes im asked to reboot the pc, then once i log in again it says system settings have changed and needs another reboot due to samproxy, one is not too bad, but two is rediculous.

2. SSO still doesnt work using NTLM if No rewrite, Use WSAM option is enabled.

If i let our sharepoint portal get rewritten through the IVE i can use NTLM just fine and credentials are passed and users are not asked to enter re authenticate when clicking our portal link. however, the danainfo and some other rewriting in the address causes some applications to either not function correctly or cause errors in other parts of them. To work around this i can enter the FQDN and enable "do not rewrite, use WSAM" and everything works flawlessly except users need to enter theis passwords twice when clicking the portal link.

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Re: 6.5R4 Issues i hoped would get fixed

Not sure about item #1; not something I have seen yet.

For item #2, are you using domain authentication and users are connecting from domain PCs that have the appropriate cached credentials? It is not possible to perform SSO using the IVE credentials to resources that are not rewritten.