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7.0 questions

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Re: 7.0 questions

Hi rdhawale,

You are welcome; glad to help out.

The iPhone support between 6.5 & 7.0 is similar; I am not aware of anything offhand that is improved specifically for this in 7.0 vs 6.5.

I don't have access to deployment scenarios or rates; but I believe it is being installed widely, yes.

With the difficulty of upgrading, it may be best to make the jump to 7.0 now as it will push out the next upgrade that much further (barring any unforeseen incidents, of course).

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Re: 7.0 questions

@SonicBoom wrote:

pulse will be listed under network connect, is optional and in my opinion blows NC out of the water since for laptops it will supress the wirless while its connected and DOES NOT break a connection as described below

Junos PulseÑWhen creating a tunnel with split tunneling disabled, Junos Pulse

establishes the tunnel on a Junos Pulse virtual adapter and creates duplicate default

network, local subnet, and host-to-host routes with lower metric values than the

physical interfaces. Connections that exist prior to when Junos Pulse establishes a

tunnel continue to operate and pass traffic outside of the tunnel. For example, if a user

is connected to a home network and, while sending an FTP stream, the user initiates

a Junos Pulse VPN connection, the FTP stream continues uninterrupted along its original

interface according to that interfaceÕs IP configuration. If a packetÕs source IP is the

physical interface IP, then the packet is sent from that physical interface.

Is there anyway to exploit this for local network printing. My company policy will not allow split tunnel except to local subnet. Which is not currently supported by the Pulse client. It does not make sense to tell people to send a print job prior to signing on to vpn. But I can't think of any other way of taking advantage of this, and I am looking for suggestions.

I'm under the impression that the Pulse client will someday support No Split Tunnel with Local Subnet Access, but I'd like to deploy now.