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ADFS and PulseSecure

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ADFS and PulseSecure

Have anyone configure SSO using PulseSecure and ADFS to multiple different applications, all on the same domain name?


What we are trying to achive is:

1) Users login to the Pulse Secure using his domain account (e.g. [email protected])

2) His credentials that he entered are passed on to ADFS to remember then automatically authenticated to multiple different applications on the same domain after logging in to the Pulse successfully.  That way, Jon doesn't need to login to any applications once he is logged into the Pulse.


If you ever experience anything like that, can you please share how you do it with the Pulse and ADFS?


Greatly appreciated!




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Re: ADFS and PulseSecure

Are you using SAML auth for the initial login so that the SAML token/validation can happen?
If not, I believe that it is not possible for the domain credentials to be stored by the ADFS server (or validate the user) and you will need to configure traditional SSO policies or have the user login to each application as-needed