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ANNOUNCE: Firefox 3.5 released

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ANNOUNCE: Firefox 3.5 released

Head's up.


Firefox 3.5 has been released, and your users might start upgrading. We have not yet qualified this release, but we have also not yet seen any problems. 


Please use this thread for questions/experiences 





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Re: ANNOUNCE: Firefox 3.5 released

Firefox 3.5 seems to be working well for all of my users so far. I've been running with the beta for some time and have not had any issues.

Windows users do get a Java script warning the first time that they log into the IVE.


Re: ANNOUNCE: Firefox 3.5 released

Secure Meeting seems to have some sort of issue. Havn't had a chance to debug it yet. Launched OK from other browsers, but can not connect when launched with 3.5.

Re: ANNOUNCE: Firefox 3.5 released

We are finding that we can not launch Network Connect from the "usual" web page with Firefox 3.5. We immediately get the error "The Network Connect session timed out. (" (Older Firefox versions such as work.)

Workaround is to launch from Windows Start Menu, and use Internet Explorer if one needs to download and install the client.