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*ANNOUNCE* Try the new Juniper Knowledge Base (was beta) @

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*ANNOUNCE* Try the new Juniper Knowledge Base (was beta) @

Hi Folks,

We've got a new version of the Knowledge Base (
and we'd like you to be among the first to try it out. It has many new
features, and greatly improved search quality. Some of the feature

  • "Most Popular" and "Recently Updated" tabs
    on the front page. Also check out the READ ME tab for the latest
    updates and information on the KB itself.

  • New "Browse
    Knowledge Base categories" link on the homepage and when viewing an
    article. You can sort these results by Most Popular and Recently
    Updated as well. (try this)

    • You can subscribe to an RSS feed of new articles in any category

    • You can drill into the categories an article has been filed under

    • When browsing, the system shows whether you've already viewed the article

  • Subscribe to an article - you'll receive an email when it's updated (registered users only)

  • New "Solved Threads" filter when you select By Source-J-Net (see sample)

  • Expanded
    search coverage - virtually the entire site, including KB,
    Documentation, J-Net, J-Security Center, and the Products area is now
    available - and easily focus your search using the By Source filters.

  • By Source->Documentation has a new Release Notes sub-filter so you can quickly zero in on upgrade information.

  • Improved handling of technical query elements like log messages (e.g. junoscope_purge_auditlog) and IP addresses (

  • Better handling of version strings like "9.2r3" or "6.2r1"

also expanded the scope of the search while at the same time tightening
the filters up. You may still see an occasional "stray" article in an
area it doesn't belong, but this is greatly reduced.

that we don't search all versions of all documentation - we need to
work on some better filtering before we expand that. For now we have
the most recent 2-3 versions indexed.

Please give the new
KB a try and let us know what you think! - either here in this thread
or via the Feedback link on the kb-beta home page.  


-Keith Redfield

Juniper eSupport Team

Message Edited by KB_Fan on 11-13-2008 07:54 AM