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API Missing Features?

New Contributor

API Missing Features?

Version: 9.1R5 (build 5459)




I have a PCS setup and working fine. All settings were completed using the UI. Now, I would like to set it up again using only the API.


I'm reading through the API doc and my second stop after creating users is to create a role. My role consists of Session Options and VPN Tunneling only. The API doc does not show examples aside from web and web-options under the user-role endpoint.


Is there a limitation to what I can acheive with the API?


Thanks in advance



Re: API Missing Features?

Mostly, all user roles feature can be configured using REST API. Getting started guide might be having some limited contents, you can use the XML export data to get the details about the PATH and type of data to send for configuring those features.

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