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AV Remediations not kicking in

New Contributor

AV Remediations not kicking in


We are running 7.1r4 with esap 1.8.2

The large majority of users have SEP 11

We have some problems with our SEP implementation that causes many to miss the scheduled weekly full scan.

Obviously the root problem needs to be addressed.

In the mean time although I have selected that the remediation is to launch a scan this does not seem to be happening and users are still blocked.

Similarly dat files are not updated when they are detected as out of date by IVE.

Respected Contributor

Re: AV Remediations not kicking in

Hi mikecc,

That would be a problem. What is the client OS?

New Contributor

Re: AV Remediations not kicking in

Thanks but it looks like the issue is with the AV client not allowing changes to be made by a third party software.

Super Contributor

Re: AV Remediations not kicking in


For the dat files to be upto date Kindly ensure that you have selected 'Virus Definition files should not be older than-- Updates.' Without this selection remediation action of
"download latest virus definition files" will not be performed.

For remediation , i.e the scan to work Successful kindly ensure that you have "System Scan must have been performed in the last: days" option enabled.

Even after enabling the above options if you still face the problem, I would recommend you to open a JTAC support ticket since this may need log collection and analysis.