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Access Terminal Services through Blackberry

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Access Terminal Services through Blackberry

Hi all,

I've got a simple question. I have tested a BlackBerry Curve w/ WiFi at home, and by using the Opera Mini Browser I could get to the login page for my company's SSL VPN, and I could login and see my Terminal Services Sessions. However I could not open any of them.

The question I had was, does the SSL VPN use the local computer's RDP client or does it launch it's own RDP client?? The reason I ask is, I have found an RDP Client for my BB Curve, and I could successfully RDP directly (NOT through the SSL VPN) to my work PC. So I'm wondering if this would enable me to RDP through the SSL VPN also.

Any ideas?

Btw, I don't have the BB Curve anymore, so I cannot verify this right now.

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Re: Access Terminal Services through Blackberry

I can not speak to what is the problem or if this will ever work, but I will point out that Opera Mini Browser uses Opera's servers as a proxy and "Could" be viewed as a security risk.

From wikipedia:

Unlike ordinary web browsers, Opera Mini fetches all content through a proxy server that reformats web pages into a format more suitable for small screens. A page is compressed, then delivered to the phone in a markup language called OBML (Opera Binary Markup Language). This compression process makes transfer time about two to three times faster and the pre-processing also smooths compatibility with web pages not designed for mobile phones.

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Re: Access Terminal Services through Blackberry

We had the same issues with our Linux workstations trying to connect to a terminal server.

The terminal services link uses the remote desktop program on the desktop.

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Re: Access Terminal Services through Blackberry

We use a java rdp client that is available in an applet form.

You put the html code and applet on a webserver and the juniper nicely rewrites it. (add it like you would any web resource)

We use it for offering windows terminal services on mac's and other non-microsoft os'es (and windows clients prior to XP with no decent rdp client).

link: link to site

The applet even supports bi-directional sound (you need to install a driver on your terminal servers in order for this to work).

We are very happy with it.

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Re: Access Terminal Services through Blackberry

To offer some clarification on this issue -

Starting in the IVE OS 6.0, Juniper started issuing/pushing down it's own TS client software, due to an incompatibility with RDP 6.0 from MS. In all versions above this, this is also the case.

If you're trying to access on your Blackberry, the system most likely cannot support the TS software that it needs. Also, per the supported platforms guide, Juniper currently doesn't support any blackberry products, or the blackberry OS currently, so you most likely won't get this to work until they get more work done into supporting it.