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Access to Pusle Secure via FQDN only

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Access to Pusle Secure via FQDN only


In our company enviroment we would like to have the Pulse Secure portal accessible only by its FQDN and not the ip address. For example:
Accessible only via: "" and not accessible via"https://x.x.x.x".

We are unable to find any documentation on the topic or any way to configure it from the GUI.


Could you please confirm whether that is a configurable option on the Pulse Secure and if it is, any documentation on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

We are using a PSA3000-V version 9.0R3.4 (build 64053).


Re: Access to Pusle Secure via FQDN only

Edit the sign-in URLs under Authentication -- Signing In --- Sign-In policy and make sure you hardcode the FQDN and don't use * value on any of the URLs.
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