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Active/Passive Cluster (SA6500) to 6.4.r2 (Upgrading)

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Active/Passive Cluster (SA6500) to 6.4.r2 (Upgrading)

Hi, There:

Please help to review the steps of upgrading the cluster of A/P , the upgrading steps will be the following:

1. Upgrading the Passive node, and the clients will using the Active Node;

2. Passive Node reboot, and the active node detect the passive node in new version, hand over the client sessions to the passive nodes , and client session will be detected with the low version, were kicked off from the service.

3. Previous passive Node become the active node, and the active node will become the passive one and upgrading to the new version , also reboot.

Please help to check if the steps are good and should the steps has "license issue". Also try to get the "release notes for 6.4.r2" , cannnot find . only one additional " Juniper Networks NetScreen Secure Access Release Notes " is found. Please advise

Thanks for any comment.

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Re: Active/Passive Cluster (SA6500) to 6.4.r2 (Upgrading)


as far as i know, you'll need a central manager license to do it the way you mentioned. if you dont have a central manager license you need to do the update of both nodes manually.

the exact way of doing this is explained at the "upgrading the cluster device package"-document, which you can find at the knowledgebase/support-documents or maybe even through the help-button of your SA's admin-interface!

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Re: Active/Passive Cluster (SA6500) to 6.4.r2 (Upgrading)

i forgot:

since one special release (dont know which one it was) the central manager license is not longer necessary. you can use all features of it, but you dont get support for those features that only came with a purchased CM-license. means, if your release is above that change you should be able to upgrade the system as you wrote. if not, you have to do it manually, but after the upgrade you should also have that central manager function.