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ActiveSync + OWA Bookmark

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ActiveSync + OWA Bookmark

Hi all,

if I configured a virtual hostname with the exchange backend URL which allows only activeSync traffic, I am not able to use the OWA bookmark.

I I want to use to OWA link on the bookmark page of an various sign-in page I will be redirected to the URL of the virtual hostname?

Does someone know this behaviour?


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Re: ActiveSync + OWA Bookmark

we created a separate url OWA is Active sync is

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Re: ActiveSync + OWA Bookmark

yup, this is correct and outlined in the admin guide.

you need to use different hostnames for the two services; they can connect to the same location, but they need to be defined differently.

the most frequent i have seen is to use the IP in the virtual hostname for activesync and the actual/standard name in the OWA bookmark; as a close follow-up, create a unique name for the virtual hostname with activesync and enter that in the IVE hosts file for the connection.