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Add VNC like we can with RDP

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Re: Add VNC like we can with RDP (Working with UltraVNC)

I was able to get UltraVNC working with my SA-2500.

I am running 7.0R4

Step 1:

The first thing I did was to download the package from my Server host that is actually running VNC Server.


Save the file, which will actually have a filename of in a directory where you can locate it.

Step 2:

Upload the file to the SA box

To do this create a resource profile, ensure that is a Hosted Java Applet

Name it and add a description

Click on Edit List to add the Java Applet

Click on New Applet and upload the, make sure "Uncompress archive file" is not checked or it wont load

Step 3:

Create a resource profile for Terminal Services (click on resource profiles, choose Terminal Services)

Leave it as Windows Terminal Servcies

Name it

Enter the host, in my case it was

change server port to 5900

check "Create an access control policy allowing Terminal Service access to this server."

check "Enable Java support"

under applet to use, make sure you select the App you upladed to the SA box

This should create an HTML file for you

ensure to add the following two parameters to the HTML file

<param name="PORT" value="5900">
<param name="HOST" value="">

check the radio button "Always use this Java applet."

Save your changes

Next add the roles that you wish to have access

Click to continue and a bookmark will automatically be created for you.

I left everything default in the bookmark.

After that, it was done, worked perfectly for me.

Hope this helps.