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Allow dll file through the SSL VPN

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Allow dll file through the SSL VPN

Hi all.  We have a SSG320 and we have a number of users accessing our resources through the SSL VPN.  We just launched a RDS environment and are utilizing RemoteApps through the SSL VPN.  That works fine.  The issue is that on the RDS servers we're usinga printer utility for redirecting printers.  The utility is called ScrewDriver.  It supposedly does a much better job redirecting printers than the built in RDP capability.  The issue is that for the SSL VPN folks I was told by the ScrewDriver tech that we need to allow a DLL through the SSL VPN in order for it to work for these remote users.  How is this accomplished?  The ScrewDriver tech spoke with his developer and was told the utility does work with Juniper SSL VPN appliances but I can't find anywhere to set this up, anywhere online where it talks about doing something like this, etc.

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Re: Allow dll file through the SSL VPN

You did not say how the servers are being accessed. Are you using the standard RDP client through the web browser? If so I don't think you can accomplish this.

Can you provide a little more detail?

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Re: Allow dll file through the SSL VPN

Hi muttbarker.  Sorry for the delay.  I had the wrong appliance in my original post as having an issue.  I said SSG320 and SSL VPN and as you know these are not the same thing.  So, the SSL VPN is a SA2500 appliance.


The users aren't using the standard RDP client through the web browser, if I understand your question correctly.  In other words, I didn't created a link that allows the user to RDP into the server to then run the application.  Instead I created a link that runs the RemoteApp.  Does that make sense?


Please let me know if you need anymore detail.  Thanks.