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An Internal state error has occured - RemoteDesktop

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An Internal state error has occured - RemoteDesktop

When a user tries to connect to his computer via our PSA3000 web portal, this error message always appears:


An internal state error has occurred. The remote session will be disconnected. Your local computer might be low on memory. Close some programs, and then try connecting to the remote computer again. 


We have registered about 16 users, which were still working a few months ago. Now I already have the 3rd user, where the message appears. With other users it works quite normally.

I have set these settings and they are the same for everything. Can anyone help me please?



Current version:9.1R8.2 (build 8511) 


Re: An Internal state error has occured - RemoteDesktop

@MD2020 What do we see in the user access logs and policy trace events for terminal services?

Internal state error occured will be displayed if the ACL present on the VPN is not permitting the traffic or other errors (Microsoft errors) being presented when connecting which would be shown as the generic "Internal error occured".


If we configure L3 access for the same RDP resource, is it working from the problematic user machine?


I have seen issues specific to local user machine as well user account, so it is good to check if other users can access the same RDP resource (non-working) using their credentials and the affected user can login to other RDP resources which were working for the other users.





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Re: An Internal state error has occured - RemoteDesktop

that should be an ACL denied
please confirm that all names & IPs are allowed at Users>Resource Policies>Terminal Services>Access Control