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Annoying timeout and reconnect

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Annoying timeout and reconnect



My company has been using Pulse Secure for VPN access to the corporate network for many years.  They instituted a policy to require the connection to disconnect after 24 hours.


Unfortunately, the timeout does not take into consideration that users are working and may be running process that cannot be disconnected.   Also, disconnecting and connecting prior to starting work is slow and annoying.


Is it possible to "refresh" the connection somehow so that the connection doesn't disconnect?  I would be happy to activate a reconnect form and enter my credentials again to reset the timer.  If this is not possible, please put this on your wish list for future enhancements.


Thank you




Re: Annoying timeout and reconnect

@bobco Session Extension feature should resolve this issue. Please check with your VPN team for enabling session extension for VPN clients.

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Re: Annoying timeout and reconnect

@bobco Pulse client will attempt to reconnect after the max session length got expired as Connect automatically and Reconnect at Session Timeout or Deletion is enabled on the connection set.


To prevent pulse client to connect you need to uncheck both these option.


Navigate to Users->Pulse secure client -> connections-> (Connection name) ->scroll down to connections and open the policy ->scroll down to connection is established and uncheck connect automatically and Reconnect at Session Timeout or Deletion.


Or you can use session extension feature as suggested by [email protected]