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Anyone considering custom DMI scripts?

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Anyone considering custom DMI scripts?

A "DMI Solution Guide" was included in the release 6.5 documentation.  Anyone thinking about using inbound DMI to automate some processes on your IVEs?  For example, I've been asked to find a way to determine if a user is logged on currently, and terminate his session.  With a lot of servers each with a lot of IVSs, I'm thinking this is a task germane to automation.

I'm also thinking about the possibility of building a load-balancing portal.  It looks like DMI could give me the ability to get information on the number of users per IVS on each server for more intelligent load-balancing.  I could also imagine using this data for some customer-specific dashboards.

Alas! I don't have the skills to script the SSH connection for DMI or the parsing of the resulting XML.  Anyone else considering doing something with inbound DMI?  Anyone have suggestions about how I could gain the skills needed?


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Re: Anyone considering custom DMI scripts?

scripting SSH is not that hard with PERL. You load activestate (free) on the workstation. Here is a sample config of a SSH login:

use Net:Smiley FrustratedSH:Smiley Tongueerl;

my $host = '';
my $ssh  = Net:Smiley FrustratedSH:Smiley Tongueerl->new($host);
my $username = 'test_user';
my $password = 'test_pass';
my $command  = 'uname -a';

$ssh->login($username, $password);

print+($ssh->cmd($command))[0], "\n";

Cant help you with the other stuff but I figured out the SSH Perl stuff mostly by following examples found online.