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Apple iPAD and iPhone Support

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Re: Apple iPAD and iPhone Support

Yes, I did.

If i connect from my laptop, it is working fine but when i login with iPhone, it is not working.

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Re: Apple iPAD and iPhone Support

MAG2600 Documentation?

I just purchased a MAG2600 for the sole purpose of supporting our iPhone and iPad users but I am having some troubles setting this up. First problem is the lack of documentation - I was told the the Junos Pulse Access Service Release 7.1 was the documentation for this device but there is no mention of iphone, ipad, ios etc anywhere in this.

Was I given the wrong docs? The MAG2600 documentation area seems to show this is correct but nothing...

Any help or a link to a quick start guide for getting ipad/iphone access to internal sharepoint or other resources will be great.


PS Has anyone got the MAG2600 up and running with apple iphone/ipad devices?

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Re: Apple iPAD and iPhone Support

You have the correct appliance & documentation; follow the instructions for configuring Network Connect (as that is how the L3 tunnel is established for iOS-based devices). Some additional information on support/configuration can be found at the following links: Generic documentation page: Some iOS-specific links: Some configuration information:
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Re: Apple iPAD and iPhone Support

Hello guys, I have an trouble with iOS Custom Sign-in page. If I will try access my portal via Junos Pulse (IVE OS 7.0R2) from iPad (iOS 4.3.5) then is not possible enter Username and Password. Mentioned fields are not editable. Have anybody idea why it happen?
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Re: Apple iPAD and iPhone Support

yes same issue

we removed the custum page and it's working properly ... not perfect but it's a quick fix


yes we'd the same issue ...


Re: Apple iPAD and iPhone Support

I have SCEP/NDES running in my enviroment to automate certificate enrollment for iPads, this all works great to a point, I can create a profile in the IPCU, set all the required settings including SCEP enrollmenent settings, export the config file and and run it on an installs fine, including enrolling for a cert via SCEP...............but there're gaps I have run into and hope someone has solved this.

1. The SCEP enrollment cerrtificate templates have to be of subject type = Computer and not User, the IVE fails to authenticate with a client cert that is of subject type = Computer, if I manually create a client certificate of subject type =User, the IVE authenticates it just fine... is this a Juniper bug???

2. My deploment stategy for the configurations files was to drop them into user's personal share drives, we have these published via the re-write engine for all our users already, so they would simply navigate there via Safari on their iPad and downlaod the config file........what I have run into is that when the iPad installer runs through its installation and comes to the SCEP part, the call to the SCEP server is done in a very wierd manner that I still dont get, I have tried to change the SCEP server url in the IPCU section to an IVE re-written form like,,SSO=U+mscep.dll ........the install fails with error "This SCEP server configuration is not supported"

It almost seems as it the installer is expecting a Layer 3 network connection to already exist for it to make a call to the SCEP server.

Now, I have other ssl vpn profiles on the iPad that I'm testing from, if I launch one of them and make a vpn connection, the profle installation complets fine, together with the SCEP enrollment.....I can see the certificate in the isntalled profile and TCPDUMP shows the SCEP conversation via http

Obviously, the desired case would be to be able to have the iPad installer make the SCEP call via the rewrite engine or via an internet facing SCEP server somehow....

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Re: Apple iPAD and iPhone Support

Thanks for reply. It is good to know that it is not only my issue. I hope that Juniper will fix it soon. Can I ask you for your IVE OS version?

Re: Apple iPAD and iPhone Support

Anyone know if the pulse client has added a new user-agent string with the release of 3.0 here in late October? I am having problems with this version connecting and I am using browser restrictions. I have been successfully using the two listed below and have had no problems till now with an ipod touch and 3.0 of the pulse client.




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Re: Apple iPAD and iPhone Support

Anyone tried Junos Pulse with MSS here?
Can share the URL you used?

Thanks in advance Smiley Happy
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Re: Apple iPAD and iPhone Support

Hello, I am solved it for myself by manual editing of iOS template page.

Problem is that Junos Login page is optimized for iPhone tiny screens only and on big iPad screen it is not working as expected. I am found that is possible enter login credentials there, but you must tap to the end of appropriate field. I am did small modifications to CSS, so fields for login credentials are now wider and grey colored. It is working fine on iPad now, but in opposite I am ger some troubles on iPhone (I am not any HTML/CSS guru, co probably is possible do it better).

I must say that I am very dissapointed from Juniper bad support for mobile devices and Linux worsktations. It is very hard for me defend Juniper SA platform agains Cisco AnyConnect in our company Smiley Sad