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Archive configuration with SCP failing

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Archive configuration with SCP failing

I having trouble seting up an archive for my SA6000s running 5.5r5 using SCP. tcpdump on the server shows that the SA6000 is talking happily to the server, but it always records a message like the following in the event log:

ARC23039 2008-04-02 14:08:23 - f110-001-001wlg - [] Root:Smiley Frustratedystem()[] - Archiving could not write to scp://, System Config not archived

I have tried all types of variations in the "directory" field, and I'm sure the permissions are fine on the directories.

My best guess is that SSH isn't happy for some reason on the server - so not really a SA6000 problem at all. I can connect to the server using the username/password that I am configuring on the SA6000 so it shouldn't be that fundamental. If only you could try scp from a command line on the SA6000.

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Re: Archive configuration with SCP failing

What happens if you try SCP'ing from another *Nix machine to the target?

scp file [email protected]:/dir/

If this succeeds then you can confirm and issue with the SA and not the server... I would also try using absolute pathnames as well..