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Archiving options for debug logs and system snapshot

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Archiving options for debug logs and system snapshot

Debug logs are very much essential for debugging customer issues and sometimes the logs gets overwritten or rolled over when the size of the debug logs exceeds the limit configured. This results in loss of critical logs which would have otherwise helped in finding the root cause.


Archiving the debug logs and system snapshot before they get rolled over will help in collecting  the entire set of debug logs.

Debug log archiving will help us to save the logs over a period of time even if it exceeds the maximum debug log size. It is especially useful while troubleshooting customer issues where the logging is extensive and the logs gets rolled over missing crucial information.

System snapshot archiving will help us overcome to existing limit of storing only up to 10 snapshots or a maximum of 500MB, by archiving the snapshots so that snapshots can be continuously collected for better debugging. Including process names in debug log option will help us to log based on the process names.


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