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Auth. Server RADIUS in IVS

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Auth. Server RADIUS in IVS

the request to the Radius Server from IVE/IVS to the RSA /RadiusAgent comes normally from internal phy. Interface

of the active Cluster member but sometimes from the VIP of the role ( failure )


ive-11 / x.x.x.11 (internal Interface/Port) -> RadiusAgent_1 -> o.k.

ive-11/role_vip -> RadiusAgent_1 -> failure

Juniper says that all Authentic.Servers use always the phy. int. NIC!

-> could it be that if both RADIUS authentication servers are unreachable then the IVE authent. request comes from the role_vip ?

Message Edited by darko on 04-03-2009 03:31 AM