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Authorization Code ?

Occasional Contributor

Authorization Code ?

I'm trying to get my equipment into and need
Authorization Code from Right To Use (RTU) Certificate or Account Access Code

Can anyone tell me where I get the Account Access Code?
I've now spent 45 minutes on the phone with Support and have yet to talk to a person.
(got dropped twice and i hung up after 20 minutes the last time)


Re: Authorization Code ?

So once you create your account and Select the 'Get Started' You should see a link at the bottom of the page

'Your email address is associated to existing accounts. Click here to view.'

(this is true as long as you (this email-ID) was associated with your products before July 31st)

When you click that you should see your account access codes. Make sure you select 'Use Codes' for each line item. For some detailed screenshots refer

Hope this helps
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Re: Authorization Code ?

I have no options except to click Next after entering a code.
So my guess is whatever syncing didn't happen.

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Re: Authorization Code ?

I had the same problem, the migration only imported my EOL boxes, not my MAGs.
I logged back onto Juniper support and found the Authorization Codes there under CONTRACTS & LICENSES > FIND LICENSE KEYS. Enter your serial number and press SEARCH.
The AuthCode will be displayed after the FEATURE description.

Good Luck and Get It Before Juniper Removed Them!
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Re: Authorization Code ?

This was resolved a few days later by contacting Support team.