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Auto remediation for Host Checker

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Auto remediation for Host Checker


We have a SA4500 with latest release of IVE 6.5. I have configured it with a host cheker policy that checks for predifined IS checks for windows and custom patch assessment for all widows OS. The custom patch assessment only looks for critical patches.

My questions is, if a use machine is missing a critical patch, is it possible to automatically turn on windows update (in vista and windows 7) and download the patch? The reason string ofcourse contains the link to windows download site and the user can serach, find the patch and then download and install the patch. But ofocurse lots of our users are novice and they dont want to go through these steps. I am trying to automate this process of downloading and installing the critical patches. I am trying to find out if this is possible with host checker. I know i can use SMS client, but i dont have it available at the moment.

Thanks for any advice you can provide.


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Re: Auto remediation for Host Checker

No, this is not possible.