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Avast 9 ESAP Support

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Avast 9 ESAP Support

Avast has released version 9.  Any idea when ESAP will support it?  Users are already being denied access and it isn't easy to roll back Avast to version 8.

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Re: Avast 9 ESAP Support

One option is the GEARS platform that OPSWAT just released. GEARS exposes all of the functionality of OESIS, in addition to advanced threat detection and auto-remediation capabilites. As GEARS is a cloud-based application it auto updates with each OESIS release, staying in synch with the latest AV software updates. 

It is simple to take advantage of GEARS as part of the Host Checker functionality (should take you only about 15 minutes to get up and running). You can read more about the Integration steps at: