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Azure SAML Authentication

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Azure SAML Authentication

Hi all,


I'm testing using Azure SAML authenticaon for VPN access. Mainly because of MFA and Conditional Access polcies.


When a user wants to extend their session, they get a pop up to say they already have an existing session and need to click connect. Can I stop that happening?


When they extend their session, is there a way to set it up so they don't need to reauthenticate? 




Re: Azure SAML Authentication

You can turn off the notification sent to the users when there's an existing session, disable the user notification under Authentication >> >> signing-in >> sign-in policies >> Display open user session[s] warning notification.


If I recall correctly, 9.1R9 server version should resolve this issue (not released yet) i.e. pre-9.1R9 servers are trying to create a new session instead of extending the session. Hope this helps.

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