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Best leasing configuration for a two appliances deployment

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Best leasing configuration for a two appliances deployment


Leasing with a licensing server is a bit complicated with all its rules and i'm still confused with the best configuration to deploy in my environement.


I have 2 PSA with LICENSE-MBR and a CONSEC-5000U on the license server.

The 2 PSA are both actives and behind a load-balancer. This LB redirect users from a PSA to another by changing DNS resolution if one of the PSA is down.


What would be the best configuration so as my 5000 licences to be fully shared among the appliances and mostly in case of an appliance failover ? Do I really have to configure an active/active cluster for this ?


Thank you very much for your help !


Re: Best leasing configuration for a two appliances deployment

You do not need to use a cluster unless you are looking for sharing configuration data (which can be done through Pulse One as well).
It looks like you should be fine to have each node connected to the license server individually and set the reserve to 0 with a maximum of 5000 for both.
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Re: Best leasing configuration for a two appliances deployment

Thanks for your help ! I haven't actually thought about it that way.


I've just tested it but even if licenses are not reserved on an appliance, MCU on an appliance still affect the total count of leasable licenses. For example, 3000 licenses are leased incrementaly on the first appliances. Then it become unavailable (from the outside network or full system breakdown). For the license server, licenses are leased and the 3000 users cannot "switch" to the other PSA appliance untill at least 1000 incremental leases expire on the first node (waiting at least 1 day).


Furthermore, as no licenses are reserved on any appliance, average available count over 24 hours is lower than 30% and auto-leasing is quickly disabled (from about 2850 leases in my case, which meens if connexion fail between PSA and Licence Server at 2850 to 5000 users connected I won't be able to lease anymore).


The reserve=0 solution works perfectly to "share" the licenses between two active nodes.

But I can't find a proper configuration where the maximum users granted by my license can easily switch from an appliance to another in case of failover