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Blurred fonts for server machine with 125% scaling

New Contributor

Blurred fonts for server machine with 125% scaling

Good day. 

I am facing the next issue: 

I have resolution 1920x1080 and scaling set to 125% (recommended option) on my client machine and as result I have resolution on my server machine set to 1536x864. That is probably the result  of ( behavior.

I tried to change scaling to 100% and got tiny fonts that are impossible to work with.

Afterwards tried to change scaling back to 125% but all I got is blurry fonts for each application that are event worse to work with.

Is there any solution for this?
I have tried several solutions with my client machine updating Nvidia graphic drivers; reinstalling windows; NetFramework version is 4.8. Nothing helped.


Thank you in advance.



Pulse Application Launcher - 9.1.8575

Pulse Secure Setup Client Activex Control -

Pulse Secure Setup Client 64-bit Activex Control -

Pulse Secure Terminal Services Client -