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Bookmark Usage Statistics/Monitoring

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Bookmark Usage Statistics/Monitoring


Does anyone know if it's possible to monitor or report on Bookmark statistics? We have a complex approach that I'm looking to consolidate and would like to go into the meeting with supporting data. For example, all of our session use Network Connect, but only some user click on the Web Bookmarks and Terminal Session links. I'm looking for stats on Web Bookmark and Terminal Session usage.

Thank you.


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Re: Bookmark Usage Statistics/Monitoring

The closest thing available on the IVE is to track web requests. You can then, on another server not on the IVE, filter for the root URL or all web URLs that were accessed or any TS that was accessed.

Another option, if you wanted, would be to create filters for each type of traffic and set the filter for different log servers.

For example, to send all web requests to a syslog server, you could create a filter for id = 'WEB20174' on the user access log (System>Log/Monitoring>User Access>Filters); then on settings, apply this as one of the syslog options. You can do this for each type you are looking to track if it has the data you need/can parse externally.

Or I think the Juniper STRM may have information like this already set.

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Re: Bookmark Usage Statistics/Monitoring

I'm not that familiar with the SSL VPN, but I wonder if Google Analytics or WebTrends javascript could be embedded in the IVE home page? I've seen some pretty fancy home pages, so I'm guessing it's doable.