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Bug in 6.0R3.1?

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Bug in 6.0R3.1?

Noticed something interesting today. I was creating a web resource profile for an application. I added the re-writing autopolicy to use WSAM on port 80. I then clicked on the resource, to add a comma followed by another port (443) and clicked the checkmark. When I clicked Save, I got an error stating "Invalid resource"

Tried several times to make sure the problem wasn't between the keyboard and the chair. Re-created the resource profile from scratch. Same results.

Just to make sure I haven't lost my mind, I've done the same thing on a cluster running 5.5R2. That one saved without any problems. Went back to the 6.0R3.1 cluster, and re-created the issue. it seems adding a comma along with an additional port causes problems.

I'm curious if anyone else run into this yet.
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Re: Bug in 6.0R3.1?

This error seems also to occur in 6.0R3 and 6.0R2. All wildchars seem to work except the , (* or - are working fine).
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Re: Bug in 6.0R3.1?

Hi there,

Yes, this issue is resolved in 6.0R4 that was just recently released, but not in the web site yet.

If you have a case, then it should had been noted there.

Let me know if you need help getting this release.