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Bug in SA code when using XML for deletions

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Bug in SA code when using XML for deletions

Howdy - I know that there is not a lot of use of XML on this forum but it is a great tool for automating data loads in larger environments.

I was working with a customer who wanted to use XML for bulk load and management of roles, policies, etc.. XML works great for that but we needed to be able to use it for wholesale changes which includes deletions. After some serious sleuthing and working with a JTAC we learned that the documentation is incorrect. The documentation says that to delete an object you place a tag with a value of "xc" followed the operation statement and then the delete statement. An example would be:

<user-role xcSmiley Surprisedperation="delete">  THIS DOES NOT WORK. To delete the role that follows the open tag for a user-role the actual syntax is:

<user-role operation="delete"> - no xc value and also NOTE the documentation shows the value of delete to be "Delete" IE - upper case "D" - this does not work.

Arcane, yes. But it took JTAC and I a couple of weeks so if this helps anyone out - cool!

Kevin Barker
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