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CPS 4.5 Java client Metaframe server not found

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CPS 4.5 Java client Metaframe server not found

We have a link on the portal page to our Citrix Presentation Server 4.5. The Java cli‘nt is the default we use for People to connect. Cli‘nt Java version 9.7.1896. Works like a charm for 99% of the users, but we have two organisations that have a problem after starting the application. The java client seems to start, but then the message pops up "The Metaframe Presentation Server computer you have selected could not be found." I suspect the differences are with NAT (Home) or PROXY (Organisations). Is there someone who can confirm this kind of behaviour en has a solution for this problem. I don't know how to configure this. We have two citrix servers and the first one is hosting the web page.