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Cache Cleaner not implementing


Cache Cleaner not implementing

So this weekend my Juniper was upgraded to version 7.0R2 from 6.4R1. The upgrade went fine (thank $diety) but I have another issue. None of the realms are implementing Cache Cleaner.

I have several policies for each realm due to logistics. If you pass one, you get into the realm. Now the problem is after the upgrade no one was prompted to upgrade the Cache Cleaner. The NC, yes. And it doesn't look like it's running on the realms that it should.

Looking at the User Authentication Realm>$Realm>Authentication Policy>Host Checker I see all my policies plus a new one called 'Cache Cleaner Policy' that I do not remember creating and can't find in the policy list. Is this the new way to enforce the Cache Cleaner at the realm level? If so, it is set to Require and Enforce but the Cache Cleaner is still not running. Also, I do have the global settings under Endpoint Security set.

The other thing is I allow access to the realm when one of the policies pass. This means all my antivirus and security checks are worthless because as soon as the Cache Cleaner is installed, they pass that policy and get in. Unless I'm reading it wrong.

Anyone have any suggestions or advice?