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Caching of JICAComponents applets

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Caching of JICAComponents applets


Recently I had the request to create an environment with an SA-2500 running IVE OS 7.0R4 to give Citrix and Remote Desktop access for teleworkers running Linux. I solved this by using ProperJavaRDP and JICAComponents as Hosted Java Applets for the respective Terminal Services Sessions.

Both seem to be working without too many hitches at the moment except one quite annoying problem. It seems that for each new Browser Session when clicking on the Terminal Service BookMark: For example Clicking the Bookmark that points to a JICAComponents Terminal Service Session to our Citrix Farm, I get a new download. It doesn't look if it already has this in it's cache. Which actually in a sense he hasn't. Looking in the Java Cache Viewer of the browser, I see all the Names regularly coming back, BUT the Url's are different. It points to https://xxx.yyy.zzz/dana-cached/webapplets/vc0/rewritten/applet_7,DSID=<Some-Hexadecimal-code>. Which of course makes it all the time unique. Thus thwarting the caching.

Problem is this download is rather big(About 10MB I estimate in pure HTTPS-code, haven't checked yet using Firebug, this was a wireshark capture from clicking on the URL). Especially if the goal is to have lots of people using this.

So in short, how do I avoid that these Java applet URL's get rewritten, so that my caching works as supposed too?

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Re: Caching of JICAComponents applets