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Can't access ressources

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Can't access ressources


In first time, sorry for my english....

I have a pb with SA2500.

When I try to ping a server, gateway or dns server with IP adress, it's ok.

When I try to access a server with TSE with IP adress, I have a message from server that say server has refused connection.

In log/monitoring page : I have this message :

id=firewall time="2010-01-30 14:56:27" pri=2 vpn=ive user=System realm="" roles="" type=mgmt proto= src= dst= dstname= sent= rcvd= msg="ERR24341: Unable to download current virus signature list from ''. Reason: Couldn't resolve host ''"

Is it possible that this pb appear because SA2500 has not enought right to access on network ressource ? all ping are ok but it can't resolve any DNS request, access ressource on TSE or WEB.

During my test, i have configure an auth. server with AD. So, a new entry in active directory appear like vc0000..... This entry have been delete by a colaborator. Perhaps that a pb.

I have restart all service and complete reboot SA2500 but it's always not work.

Thanks for your help