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Cannot Log inside SA2500 Web

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Cannot Log inside SA2500 Web


We've recently purchased a new Juniper SA2500 for our client. I've initially configured the device so I can do a burn-in test and check for licenses, etc. When I was able to configure the IP of the box, I logged inside via web. It successfully logged in. Then I tried disconnecting the UTP cable so I can connect my LAN to the internet. After that, I connected my LAN port again to the SA2500. This time when I tried to log via web, it only shows Invalid username or password. Please re-enter your user information. I didn't change anything in the box and I even created a new user so I can log with a different user. Unfortunately, the same thing happens.

For those who know how to solve this case, please help me..

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

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Re: Cannot Log inside SA2500 Web

When you say "I logged inside via web" I guess you are referring to logging into SA as an admin and that you could after disconnecting the cable.
Even after you created another admin account you still could not login?
Can you try to create a super admin session (option 6 on admin console) and then login, there after check user access / admin logs to see if any errors.
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Re: Cannot Log inside SA2500 Web

I've already configured how to log inside. I forgot to put "/admin" on the address bar.

Thanks anyway for the help!