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Cannot add third party IdP (ADFS integration)

New Contributor

Cannot add third party IdP (ADFS integration)

Hi I am playing with trial (claimed as fully functional) version of Cloud Connect Secure 9.1R8 deployed in Azure and going through ADFS integration guide. I was able to configure ADFS with no issue but stuck on Pulse Secure configuration steps just becuse there is no option to add third party IdP as described in the guide. 

Is trial version really fully functional? If so, where is this option located?

The guide I am referencing is ps-pcs-9.1r1-cloudsecure-integration-with-ADFS-deployment-guide.pdf 


Re: Cannot add third party IdP (ADFS integration)

it is not fully functional as it does not include support for cloud secure (however the rest of the functionality should be present).
you should be able to configure using this guide: