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Cannot connect to SA IVE from Android phone

New Contributor

Cannot connect to SA IVE from Android phone

Hi folks, I'm having trouble connecting to my DTE version using my Android phone. Using the DTE as a pre-pilot setup before building functionality for entire enterprise.


Attached are the logs... anyone know what they mean? I see this in jpulse.log, which might be the problem:

D:9/13/2012, -1: Establish VPN D:9/13/2012, -1: Unable to establish vpn socket: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot create interface     at android.os.Parcel.readException(     at android.os.Parcel.readException(     at$Stub$Proxy.establishVpn(     at$Builder.establish(     at Source)     at Source)     at Method)     at$2$ Source)     at E:9/13/2012, -1: Unable to establish VPN D:9/13/2012, -1: sendDisconnectReason id=4 text=NC_CONFIG_FAILED D:9/13/2012,$2$1:run -1: Network type 0 D:9/13/2012,$2$1:run -1: ncsvc return code 2 D:9/13/2012, -1: VPN state changed to Disconnected 

 (The logs would only attach if I changed the extension. So change RTF to ZIP and unzip the file.)

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Re: Cannot connect to SA IVE from Android phone



  This needs to be investigated further. Please create a Jtac with Pulse logs and the information persent under Mobile > Setting > about phone.