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Cannot find sysctl.conf in macOS Mojave

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Cannot find sysctl.conf in macOS Mojave

I'm facing an issue with Pulse Secure while trying to connect to VPN with the following error 'Failed to setup virtual adapter. (Error:1205)'. The resolution for the issue is provided in The resolution says to comment the line starting with 'kern.ipc.maxsockbuf' in sysctl.conf file. But, I'm not able to find 'sysctl.conf' in macOS Mojave.


Screenshot 2018-12-11 at 11.48.48 AM.png




Re: Cannot find sysctl.conf in macOS Mojave

I don't think Mojave supports editing these parameters through sysctl.conf file anymore.


Couple of pointers:

1. Review the Pulse client logs to see if you are running into the issue highlighted in Do you see the exact log entries mentioned in the KB?


2. 1205 is a generic error indicating that the pulse client was unable to create a virtual adapter on your machine which is necessary for VPN functionality, please see if the pulse client logs provide any clues around why it is failing (KB40117 is just one of the causes for 1205) Another one that I recently have seen is this 


3. Ensure you are using a version of pulse client that is compatbile with Mojave release  (please reach out to your company's IT team if you are not using a compatible version and they can guide you on how to upgrade as each company has different deployment procedures for their endpoint software)


Details on Pulse versions for Mojave available here -


Hope this helps