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Centralized Internet

Occasional Contributor

Centralized Internet

I have the ability to setup NC with split tunnel and it works fine but, I need to setup a user role / realm that has centralized internet through my main ISP.

Under "User Roles -> Network Connect" do I enable Split Tunnel and somehow use a wildcard to specify all traffic under...

"Resource Policies -> Network Connect -> Split Tunnel Networks -> Resources"

Or do I disable Split Tunneling?

Disabling Split Tunneling doesn't seem to do the trick,?

Respected Contributor

Re: Centralized Internet

If you would like all traffic for NC clients to go through the IVE and your ISP you will need to disable split tunneling on the role and make sure this role is either a) the first role users map to, b) assigned before the split-tunneling enabled role, or c) the only role users map to

If you are seeing traffic on your physical interface, that may be a problem. What are you seeing when you have split tunneling disabled? Are you using IPv6 or IPv4?

New Contributor

Re: Centralized Internet

Disable split-tunneling and don't forget to allow the network connect addresses internet access by your firewall.