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Certificate Matching


Certificate Matching

Hi Everyone,


Im wanting to create a new connection in a 'Machine or User' setup using certificates. Currently i have 2x certificates in the machine store from my CA which are pretty much identical so in testing Pulse Desktop client always asks to select which cert to use and i guess will cause the machine auth to fail as it wont know which cert to use, within the Pulse Secure connection settings under 'certificate matching' i can see 'custom enhanced key usage OID / Text' but this doesnt help me as both are the same in each cert. 


Is it possible to use other Certificate attributes for matching? as in my case i could use Subject CN, OU etc which is different.


Many thanks.


Re: Certificate Matching

no, it is not, at this time
if this is a feature that you need, i would recommend opening a request with your account team
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Re: Certificate Matching

Not sure if this helps but cert ranking can help identify the cert that is eventually used during machine auth. In ranking, one 1 cert will be chosen, so if you have multiple certs only 1 will be could then have an auth role cert filter matching something in the subject field.

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