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Change Current VPN settings to Always-On

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Change Current VPN settings to Always-On

Hello everyone. Is there a way to force already installed Pulse Secure connection set to an Always-On connection set? I know this can be done by uninstalling and then reinstalling the client from the web, but I'd like to do this as quietly as possible. Ideally, UserA has standard client and connection where he/she can connect/disconnect at will, but after making the necessary changes to the user's role, he/she connects to the Pulse Secure client the next time and his connection his changed to Always-On. Hope this makes sense, but if not, feel free to ask.
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Re: Change Current VPN settings to Always-On

You will need to make the change on the connection set that is pushed down to users and it _should_ update once you make the changes and then update the clients (meaning tell the appliance to update the user systems)
You can also choose to create the configuration and send it to users to import the preconfig file using jamCommand