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Change a connection for about 100 clients

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Change a connection for about 100 clients


I have about 100 clients that VPN into my office, I recently got a new Pulse appliance and changed a lot of things. Long story short, there is now a new URL users need to connect to in order to switch them to the new appliance.


Is there a way to change the existing connection in the client to go to a different URL? I would rather do this silently as the users need not even be aware they are connecting to a different URL, everything will seem the same to them.


Creating an additional connection with the new URL is also a possibilty, though not as good. The reason i say this is that they will most likely be connected using this connection when I deploy the changes to them (be it GPO or SCCM or whatever way is possible) so the connection will probably be in use and not changable.


Re: Change a connection for about 100 clients

Hi @MercuryZ , 

I think you should try to change the connection url / uri in the connectionset, then connect a client and see if it works. (Use a LAB enviroment or Test Realm so you won't harm your users). 

Other option for automatic deploy is use the " jamcommand -importfile " including your new PreConfiguration file. If you hide your cmd / ps1/ sccm client, it should do the job.


Kind regards!