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Change default ports

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Change default ports



This is my first post here.  I have a Juniper SRX550, so I'm using Pulse Secure for VPN.  The problem is that, I already have VPN on a Cisco router.  On my Comcast modem, for the Cisco router, I'm using ports 500 and 4500 for VPN, so I can't use the same ports for the Juniper VPN. 


Juniper is telling me that I need to change the default ports 500 and 4500 to something else.  How can I do that?   I'm using Pulse Secure version 9.0.2 (1151)


If I can't make this work, I have to get a different static IP from my ISP


This is the article, I'm referencing.

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Re: Change default ports



I called Pulse Secure, and the lady I spoke with said there's a way to change the port numbers on Pulse Secure, but I need a serial number.  I don't have a serial number, I got Pulse Secure from Juniper website.


Re: Change default ports

The PCS appliance can use different ports for access; however, the SRX does not allow that change (at least that was my understanding several years ago).
Unfortunately, it does look like you may need a different static IP (unless the SRX has a configuration option available now to use a different port for dynamic VPN)