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Changing the IP of SSL in cluster

Occasional Contributor

Changing the IP of SSL in cluster

Hi All,

  I have an SA-2500 in an active/passive cluster.  We have it setup with an external and internal interface.  Both the internal and external interfaces are clustered.  I now need to change the IP of the external interfaces.

This means the 3 IP's ( Physical node A ip, Physical Node B IP, and the cluster VIP) need to change.  Can I simply log into the box via the internal and begin changing the IP's?  The issue is where do you start, do you change the cluster VIP first then the physical IP's or do you do it the other way around.

I found a KB that mentioned having to break the cluster to change a node ip.  This seems excessive.

Occasional Contributor

Re: Changing the IP of SSL in cluster

Break the cluster could be interesting if you can have both old and new vip active.

if you disconnect the master from the network, the backup will do the job.

You can then remove the second node from the cluster config, change addressing, then check on the one node

new vip cluster if everything works fine.

As the internal VIP is the same, you can't plug the one node new cluster back into the network without shutting down the second node. If everything is ok with the new VIP you can delete cluster config on the second node, recreate and put it back into the cluster.