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Cisco VPN Client and SSG5

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Cisco VPN Client and SSG5

Hi everyone,

some of our clients use Windows 7, unfortunately the Netscreen Remote Client is not available for Windows 7.

So our clients installed the Cisco VPN Client... But there are not so many settings we can make there... Do you guys have any idea how to setup a VPN connection to a SSG5 with the Cisco VPN Client? Which settings do we have to make on the Firewall and the Cisco Side.

Thanks a lot


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Re: Cisco VPN Client and SSG5

?? You know you're on a Juniper support forum, right? Don't think you'll have much luck getting help for a Cisco product here...

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Re: Cisco VPN Client and SSG5

Andre - this is really a firewall question not an SSL question. I would try posting there. However I have it somewhere in my head that Cisco claims that their client will not run with anything but Cicso VPN devices.

An alternative is a client from NCP. See the following link:

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Re: Cisco VPN Client and SSG5

We're having similar frustrations with the lack of a VPN client to use against the firewalls. We tried many different clients with little luck. Also, Juniper plans to not support this in the future. The way I understand it, if you want a firewall with supported client side VPN functionality, you have to purchase a SRX Router.

We decided to just buy a Cisco 5505 for the few number of locations where we needed this. The Cisco AnyConnect client is nice.