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Citrix Applications Not Loading - Local Client

Occasional Contributor

Citrix Applications Not Loading - Local Client


I'm having an issue with Citrix applications loading when viewed through the SSL VPN which I was hoping someone could help me out with.

We use JSAM to run when we load Citrix (not all users have Windows) and when you click any Citrix application, the window to load the application loads up and then closes immediately.

If I look at Client Preferences within Citrix and change 'Remote Client Type' to 'Client for Java' it works fine, if I select 'Native Client' then I get the problem I've just described.

Trouble is I can't change the default to use Java as one of the apps we have requires the Local Client.

Until recently the applications loaded fine, nothing has changed so it's a bit odd why it's started doing this.

Has anyone got any ideas?