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Citrix Dynamic ReWrite without W or JSAM ?

Super Contributor

Citrix Dynamic ReWrite without W or JSAM ?

So I threw together a IVE Portal with file shares, web links and the like. Then I was asked to add a Citrix app. I hadnt tried this in a long time. So I set up a profile and noticed that CTS was available. I thought, man this will work without JSAM or WSAM ?? Awesome. I put it together with a little autologin policy and man it worked sweet.

Hi-5's all around. I'm a hero.

Then later, just for fun, I test it remotely and found that the Citrix client is going direct to the internal IP and not through any kind of Citrix dynamic rewriter. OH NO. My hero-dom is in question.

Did I read this wrong ? Shouldnt this dynamically re-write ? Did I miss some thing stupid or does this functionality not exist.

Be my hero and help me understand.