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Citrix VDI Setup - wrong post path

Occasional Contributor

Citrix VDI Setup - wrong post path

I've been trying to get a Citrix VDI Session working through the IVE (or whatever it is called now). When I run a trace it appears that Pulse is trying to post to a scripts directory that is incorrect. When I run a vdi session from a standard Citrix front end, it goes to a different, custom script directory. 


The trace shows: 
HTTP/XML    POST  /scripts/wpnbr.dll HTTP/1.1

Server responds with: 
HTTP  404 Not Found 

Anyway to change that path or customize the VDI Setup at all ? 




Re: Citrix VDI Setup - wrong post path

Unfortunately, no, it is not possible to change the SSO path for VDI bookmarks.
What version of Citrix XenDesktop are you using?
What version of PCS (formerly IVE OS) are you using?